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Best video on Foam Rolling!

Many thanks to Mike Perry, owner of Skill Of Strength for this excellent video on foam rolling. Mike addresses several key factors that many other videos haven’t addressed: Pain should not be a part of a foam rolling practice. Foam rollers are not torture devices but tools to help you move and feel better. The IT band,… Continue reading Best video on Foam Rolling!

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Your Best Run Is Yet To Come

Whether you are a seasoned runner wanting to improve or a newbie starting out, there are some tips and tricks to successful, pain free running. Increase your odds of having your best run by learning how to care for your body with nutrition, mobility work, strengthening techniques, self myo-fascial release and a flexibility practice. Create an amazing running practice First, let… Continue reading Your Best Run Is Yet To Come

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A flexibility practice for runners

  If you’d like to extend your longevity in running and potentially take home a medal in the years to come, add this flexibility practice to your routine! Most runners I know just want to get out and enjoy their run. They’ll often skip a flexibility practice as a result. I also know that most runners have aspirations… Continue reading A flexibility practice for runners

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Optimizing The Use Of Your Foam Roller

While foam rolling can be extremely beneficial for almost everyone, the latest research suggests you could be receiving an even greater advantage by using it with the following 3 simple techniques: 1. Robust Rolling 2. Release Rolling 3. Trigger Point Rolling First let’s start with an explanation of what foam rolling is: Foam Rolling is… Continue reading Optimizing The Use Of Your Foam Roller