Heidi D: Kerry has been the key to my transition from a strong body but full of daily aches and pains to finally having a pain free life, thanks to her corrective exercise expertise! I’ve always worked out, strength, cardio, yoga, etc but with a career where I sit at a desk all day, I could not exercise away the aches and pains until I met Kerry. She evaluated my imbalances and we started with my weakest points and built up from there. We included fascial release and she would switch up my program depending on how I was feeling and what my body needed that day to keep moving toward my goal of being pain free. Just a few months ago, I couldn’t drive for more than 30 minutes before the pain would set in. And just recently, I drove to Philadelphia and back without any pain at all. Her expertise and desire to learn and keep the long haul in mind has truly transitioned my life. Thank you Kerry!!!
Bryant O: Results – that is what you get when you train with Kerry! My wife and I have been training with Kerry for several years now and it has been great! She has tailored our program to us both individually and as a couple. Her approach is comprehensive and systematic as she learns about your health and fitness goals and works with you to find the most effective, safe, and fun way to help you achieve those goals. You will learn so much from her as she is always learning as well to be able to pass on the latest and most useful information on working out and staying healthy. I am healthier and more fit now than I have ever been in my life! Kerry has a positive attitude that shows in her work with you that will keep you motivated and challenged. Her ability to constantly keep putting together an effective training program that is varied and evolves with you as you progress is amazing. I highly recommend Kerry as your personal fitness trainer!
Sara M: Kerry is the perfect trainer – she is a wealth of knowledge, compassionate and diligent. She will make a difference in your life. She is always mindful of the goals we set, and insures we stay on track and holds me accountable to meet the goals. I really enjoy the way she combines so many different techniques and tools. I love the TRX mixed in with just great general fitness practices. She is adept and modifying or creating new strategies to get the most out of my session. Kerry has an amazingly positive demeanor and will always be there to encourage, support and inspire you every step of the way.
Scott B: I could not be happier with Kerry’s TRX workouts and personal training sessions. As others have noted she is always enthusiastic and up-beat. But more importantly she is always prepared with a game plan for the workout. This makes the sessions go efficiently and the workouts very effective. She has extensive professional training and keeps coming up with new and challenging exercises. I have gained both strength and overall fitness as a result. Thanks Kerry!
Kristin A: Kerry is truly a fantastic trainer and instructor! Her classes are designed with purpose and the exercises are varied so you never become bored. Whether it be in Boot Camp or TRX, Kerry has always met me at my current fitness level while pushing me to take on the next challenge. She does this through direct instruction, encouragement and an authentic interest in helping me to achieve my fitness goals. I am so much stronger than I was before I started working out with Kerry. She has taught me not only what to do but how to do it and why. This approach has made me more mindful and educated about my workouts which makes them all the more effective!
Jackie T: Kerry is exactly what you want in a trainer – motivational, challenging, extremely knowledgeable and fun! You can see by her listed certifications that she is very serious about her work. She is mindful of “all of” my pre-existing injuries and caters every workout to fit my needs. Every week I am building new strengths and I am back to walking with a spring in my step. Kerry is incredible and I highly recommend her.
Sue B: I can’t say enough good things about Kerry and her approach to group and personal training sessions! She’s always enthusiastic and prepared for our workouts and knows just how hard to push me to make my sessions effective and keep me motivated. I highly recommend working with her!
Mark B: I started training with Kerry in 2016  after recovering from an illness. She has  been great. She keeps careful track of my progress and targets those parts of my body    that need the most work. Each session is different which keep it interesting. I have gained a lot of muscle weight and I am in much better shape than when we first began  to work together. Kerry is enthusiastic and is always positive and encouraging. I am  also very impressed by her work ethic and her desire to take more courses to be on top  of her profession. Her professionalism combined with her patience and positive  attitude has made these past 7 months of workout sessions not only enjoyable but has  kept me coming back. 

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