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A flexibility practice for runners

  If you’d like to extend your longevity in running and potentially take home a medal in the years to come, add this flexibility practice to your routine! Most runners I know just want to get out and enjoy their run. They’ll often skip a flexibility practice as a result. I also know that most runners have aspirations… Continue reading A flexibility practice for runners

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How I went from “I can’t run” to completing a road race

  When I was a kid, I dreamed of being Princess Leia. My friends and I spent hours on a jungle gym that magically turned into  X Wing Fighters as we saved the universe. I also imagined my bike was a wild horse that I could ride like the wind around the challenging loop circling my… Continue reading How I went from “I can’t run” to completing a road race

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Ugh, I am so fat!

Have you ever said to yourself “Ugh, I am so fat” or “I always fail at dieting” or “I stink at (fill in the blank)”. Chances are you have and it’s not doing you any good. The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California states that we have close to 70,000 thoughts per… Continue reading Ugh, I am so fat!

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Leaking your pee? It’s not just grandma’s problem anymore!

Perhaps you were drawn to this article because you have been leaking pee when you sneeze or jump or play Cards Against Humanity with your funniest friends while drinking beer. Maybe you have tried perfecting a Kegel exercise with little to no improvement in your symptoms. Whether it’s a squirt, a splash or a deluge, it’s… Continue reading Leaking your pee? It’s not just grandma’s problem anymore!

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Optimizing The Use Of Your Foam Roller

While foam rolling can be extremely beneficial for almost everyone, the latest research suggests you could be receiving an even greater advantage by using it with the following 3 simple techniques: 1. Robust Rolling 2. Release Rolling 3. Trigger Point Rolling First let’s start with an explanation of what foam rolling is: Foam Rolling is… Continue reading Optimizing The Use Of Your Foam Roller