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Start Your New Year’s Resolution Revolution

Get Ready To Make 2018 A Year Of Success! To make this year your year, begin by taking some time to write it all down. Research done by Gail Matthews, Professor of Psychology at Dominican University, shows that those of us who write down our goals are 70% more likely to achieve them. Read the results of… Continue reading Start Your New Year’s Resolution Revolution

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3 Morning Stretches To Get You Going

Wake Up Sleepy Head! You know the feeling, you try to get out of bed but your body feels stiff and slow to move. It’s hard enough not to hit the snooze button one more time without your body screaming at you to stay still. You might wonder why, since you’ve been resting for +/-… Continue reading 3 Morning Stretches To Get You Going

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Wait! Stop! I gotta pee! (Oops, too late)

I can’t remember when it started but it was undeniable and unstoppable. I would sneeze and simultaneously pee my pants. I chalked it up to having had two kids and just slapped on a panty liner and went about my day. The OB/GYN said, “Kerry, you’ve got low muscle tone and you should really start… Continue reading Wait! Stop! I gotta pee! (Oops, too late)

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Thank you to our guest blogger, Brooke Sulahian for sharing her story and for her work in founding Hope For Our Sisters Seven years ago, after my first pregnancy, my body was damaged.  It no longer worked as it had before.  Whenever I ran, jumped or sneezed, I found myself wet with urine.  (It is… Continue reading EMBARRASSED, FRUSTRATED, DISCOURAGED…MORE AWARE?

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Your Ability to Relax

In December of 2016 I underwent major surgery that required a long healing period and was plagued by numerous complications. My frustration level was at an all time high while my tolerance level was at an abysmal low. After my surgery I was in a lot of pain. I knew my ability to relax around the sensations was… Continue reading Your Ability to Relax

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Magic-Pill Morning Drink

Every morning I get my brain and my body revved up for the day by drinking a nutrient dense concoction of ingredients.  Ancient wisdom has known the numerous benefits of these ingredients, that science is beginning to prove. I started with warm lemon water and raw honey on the advice of my dear friend and… Continue reading Magic-Pill Morning Drink

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Best video on Foam Rolling!

Many thanks to Mike Perry, owner of Skill Of Strength for this excellent video on foam rolling. Mike addresses several key factors that many other videos haven’t addressed: Pain should not be a part of a foam rolling practice. Foam rollers are not torture devices but tools to help you move and feel better. The IT band,… Continue reading Best video on Foam Rolling!

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7 Minutes to Melt Stress

Release work and stretching have been proven methods to help melt away physical tension while reducing mental stress. This simple practice using tools from one of my favorite companies, Soma System or your own homemade version, can make a lasting impact when practiced regularly. Take one minute per technique or if time allows, spend as long as feels good! 7  Minutes to… Continue reading 7 Minutes to Melt Stress

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Remember That New Year’s Resolution?

Remember January and all those nifty goals you set for yourself as you saw the new year spreading out before you with hope and promise? Wait, did I see you roll your eyes?  Seriously, if you want to see change, it’s time to take a look at where you’re at with those resolutions.  Here is a… Continue reading Remember That New Year’s Resolution?