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Start Your New Year’s Resolution Revolution

Invest in your health , Healthy lifestyle concept with diet and
Invest in your health , Healthy lifestyle concept with diet and fitness , Get fit in 2017 , fitness equipment and healthy food

Get Ready To Make 2018 A Year Of Success!

To make this year your year, begin by taking some time to write it all down. Research done by Gail Matthews, Professor of Psychology at Dominican University, shows that those of us who write down our goals are 70% more likely to achieve them. Read the results of her 2013 Study here.

Use this template to help you hone in on what is most important and the steps you will take to get there:

~My 2018 Health and Fitness S.M.A.R.T. Goals~

1. What is it that I want to accomplish? What is most important to me? Be Specific! (i.e. I will….lose 10lbs, decrease my body fat percentage by 5%, increase my overall strength, improve my nutritional habits, run/walk a 5k…..).

2. How will I Measure these goals? (i.e. Scale, pedometer, workout journal, body fat percentage, waist circumference, # of push-ups, # of pull ups, improve my timed mile walk/run, cups of water per day, # of servings of non-starchy vegetables per day….).

3. How will I make this Attainable? Let’s put some feet on these goals! (i.e. “I will attend 3 full-body fitness classes per week, I will keep a weekly appointment with a weight loss specialist, I will follow the 5k running plan on My Fitness Pal,  I will log my food via an app or on paper and share with my accountability partner or personal trainer…).

4. Why is this Relevant to me? Why do I need to /want to achieve this? (i.e. I want to lower my cholesterol and eliminate my diabetes medication so I can be in control of my long term health, I want to start lifting weights and running so I can keep up with my kids, I want to lose the belly fat that my doctor has been warning me may lead to heart disease because I want to travel with my spouse with ease and freedom when I retire…).

5. What is (are) my Timeline(s)? Goal + Actions + Deadline = Success . (i.e. in 28 days I will have lost 5 lbs, in 2 months I will jog .5 miles without stopping,  in 6 months I will visit my doctor and have my A1C checked).  Write as many deadlines as you want. You are beginning to create new habits that take time to establish and maintain as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Wait, you are not done yet! 

Remember, out of sight can lead to out of mind. Here are some tips to keep you on track:

-Keep your written goals close at hand to review frequently.

-Consider joining a group of like minded people for added accountability and encouragement when old habits threaten to creep in and derail your progress. Check out Facebook or Meet Up for groups that will support you.

-Commit to becoming a student of your goals and how others have succeeded ahead of you. Books such as The Eat Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno, It Starts With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, Spark by John Ratey, MD, The New Rules of Lifting by Lou Schuler and Chi Running by Danny Dreyer are among my favorites.

-Podcasts are also a great way to keep learning and being inspired. I recommend The Fitcast and The School of Greatness with Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me thrown in for a comical break to all this seriousness.

Enjoy the journey to a healthier you!

Kerry Ann Madden is a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist with certifications from NASM, TRX, Fasical Fitness, STOTT Pilates and CFSC. She is also an author/presenter at IDEA FIT

Kerry can be reached at or Facebook

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